Restaurant Photography

My Team and Opium has collaborated  for the creation of the restaurant’s Advertising video and to take some Quality content for them . The goal was to recreate the intimate aVibes as well as Delivering feelings  to the content . Here is the final results.

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ToolsCanon 5D Mark III
Setting f/3.5 , 16-300mm , 1/250sec , ISO:800
SoftwareAdobe Lightroom

Good Composition

Makes always a good work

We must all know that to get a perfect picture you must set a perfect composition that tells a story  because no matter what your picture has a story behind it, and we all know that  color grading, composition, rule of third  …. these little things play  play a huge role to boost your Shoot and take it from a bad picture to a Master piece 

Great Lighting

Makes good work

Great lighting make a great work, yeah that’s the key for a perfect picture cause lightning plays an essential, role if u don’t have a great  flash light. ( in these pictures we used a external flash) well Natural lighting gonna be the perfect source for your picture but stay aware from the harsh sun light cause it may ruin your beautiful picture ! and if it was a dark spot make sure to lower your shutterSpeed higher your ISO and use a low aperture !   




Advertising video
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